Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of 2010!!

Holla guys!! Its already 31st December 2010 today. Its the last day of 2010!!! So, I think its a farewell day for 2010 and a new chapter in my life will begin starting from tomorrow. Basically nothing much happens to me this year cause I'm still an undergraduate student but there is one thing I would always remember: my experienced teaching in a secondary school.

I went for my teaching practical starting from July till October 2010. So, I think I learned so much about being a teacher..the pros and the cons..well its not easy to be a good teacher but I really hope that I will be a good teacher one day. =) So, thank you 2010 for giving me the opportunity to experienced how it was to be a 'real' teacher. ^_^

Well, if its the last day of 2010, it means its a New Year Eve!!! Yeay! Welcome 2011!

Tonight I'm going out with my Mr. M to celebrate it but I don't know the plan yet..hehe. When it comes to New Year I really love to watch the fireworks. Its so great and beautiful! I just can't describe it! So, I guess we are going to watch the fireworks tonight but the rest depends on my Mr. M..hehe. ;p

Gorgeous isn't it?? ^_^

So, that's it for this entry. Farewell 2010 and Happy New Year 2011 to all of you!! ^_^


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So,see ya! XoXo. =)

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