Saturday, December 4, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

Holla guys! Well,to be honest, I'm not a fan of Harry Potter but I did follow this movie since its first debut.I don't know why..hehe.^_^ . Last week I went to watched this movie with my friend Mimi. Thank you girl for the free ticket! hee..This is the poster of the movie.

Well, this movie started with terrifying Deatheater's activities such as torturing one of the Hogwart's teacher and followed by a sky battle between Hogwart's clan versus Deatheater's clan.

                                          Deatheater's clan

                                      Sky battle scenes

Unfortunately, one of the Weasley brother got injured in the battle.However, the Weasley clan still managed to make a joke even though I think I shouldn't laughed because supposedly its a touching moments rite??hmm..but I love them.hehe..They became very tall now in this movie and more handsome! haha. ;p

                                   Checking if its the real Harry Potter

                                   The twin! So gorgeous! ^_^

                        Long hair in the previous episode. Cute!

There's one scene that I think not suitable for the kids under 12 years old in this movie.Hermione and Harry were half naked in this movie! Oh, to me of course its no big deal but for the viewer under 12 years old don't you think its a bit too much?? I don't know bout you but in my opinion its against our Malaysian culture rite?? When I was in the cinema hall I could say more than half of the viewer were kids. So, to me its not healthy..Owh, why suddenly I concerned about our next generation??haha. Never mind. Its just my thought. Some of you might agree with me and some of you might not rite??hee..^_^. Btw guys I couldn't find the picture of that scene but I found some pictures that might come out in the second part of this movie.Watch this.


What do you think folks??Is it appropriate?? hmm..                                          

Well, part 1 ended when Voldemort got the most powerful wand in the the story will be continued in the second part coming in July 2011. So, that's it for this entry. If you are a fan of Harry Potter go watch this movie NOW!! hehe.

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See ya! XoXo ^_^.



Zakwan Zainal said...

part nie da potg siap..

Bella said...

oyaka..bgsla cmtu.xla rsk pkiran bdk2 kita..huhu


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