Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of 2010!!

Holla guys!! Its already 31st December 2010 today. Its the last day of 2010!!! So, I think its a farewell day for 2010 and a new chapter in my life will begin starting from tomorrow. Basically nothing much happens to me this year cause I'm still an undergraduate student but there is one thing I would always remember: my experienced teaching in a secondary school.

I went for my teaching practical starting from July till October 2010. So, I think I learned so much about being a teacher..the pros and the cons..well its not easy to be a good teacher but I really hope that I will be a good teacher one day. =) So, thank you 2010 for giving me the opportunity to experienced how it was to be a 'real' teacher. ^_^

Well, if its the last day of 2010, it means its a New Year Eve!!! Yeay! Welcome 2011!

Tonight I'm going out with my Mr. M to celebrate it but I don't know the plan yet..hehe. When it comes to New Year I really love to watch the fireworks. Its so great and beautiful! I just can't describe it! So, I guess we are going to watch the fireworks tonight but the rest depends on my Mr. M..hehe. ;p

Gorgeous isn't it?? ^_^

So, that's it for this entry. Farewell 2010 and Happy New Year 2011 to all of you!! ^_^


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So,see ya! XoXo. =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tron: Legacy

Holla guys!! Feww lama giler tak update my blog ni..huhu.Well I'm quite busy lately so xde masa sangat nak blogging..hehe. Btw, you all dah tengok Tron Legacy?? I've watched it last Thursday and its quite good. Movie ni ada version 3D but I tengok yang biasa jer but view sangat cantik dalam movie ni..tak mengecewakan. Kalau tengok dalam 3D mesti lagi cantik kan??So, your choice nak tengok 3D atau tak..heee~ Ni poster movie ni.

Well, this movie is a science fiction movie from Walt Disney. It is a sequel to the 1982 movie Tron. Basically this movie citer pasal seorang anak Sam Flynn yang cuba nak cari balik ayahnya yang hilang secara misteri 20 tahun yang lalu. Sam rasa pelikla kenapa tiba-tiba ayah dia menghilangkan diri tanpa khabar berita.

Ayah dia, Kevin Flynn ni is a software engineer and the CEO of ENCOM International. Dia dah create satu 'virtual domain' yang dikenali sebagai The Grid. Kiranya ayah dia ni cam scientist yang hebat la..siap cipta satu program yang serupa dengan dia dipanggil Clu. Sebijik muka and boleh bercakap macam dia.Klonla senang citer..hehe.Rupa-rupanya ayah dia ni tinggal dalam The Grid tu selama dia menghilangkan diri dalam 20 tahun ni sekali dengan Clu.

Nak dipendekkan cerita anak dia Sam ni jumpa plak makmal komputer rahsia ayah dia and dia try to discover apa yang ayah dia cuba buat selama ni and secara xsengaja bila dia boleh hack komputer tu die termasuk ke dalam alam maya The Grid ni. So, bermula lah aksi-aksi hebat dalam movie ni and segala rahsia kehilangan ayah dia terbongkarlah..So, if you all nak tau cerita yang penuh you all kenala pergi tengok sendiri cerita ni.Still dalam mood cuti sekolah ni bawalah anak-anak or adik-adik pergi tengok.Best and boleh tahanla ceritanya. 3 setengah bintang I bagi! hehe =)

Nak tengok hero and heroin die??Ceh macam citer hindustan plak..hahaha. ;p



To me, I love them both cause they are so cute and gorgeous! Bila I tengok cerita ni I terus jatuh cinta dengan heroin dia. Cun habis!! Badan dia cantik woo..hehe. Olivia Wilde pegang watak heroin dalam movie ni a.k.a Quorra. Kalau xpercaya tengokla ni..

Soooo HOT!!!

Gorgeous isn't she??

Kalaula I cantik macam die..hehe.Alangkah indahnya dunia..^_^

Ok, that's it for this entry. Hope you all pergi tengok cerita ni and Happy Holidays!! Kat bawah ni ada gambar-gambar dari movie ni lagi..So, enjoy!!

Motor Hero blue in color

Clu (the bad guy) yellow in color

Battle between Sam and Clu

On the right is Kevin Flynn (Sam's father)

So, see you!! XoXo ^_^

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Levi's Glasses

Holla guys! Few days ago I went to check my eyes power cause I always got headache recently..To my surprised, not that my power level has changed but I also got minor dazzlement..Hmm, I think this happened because before this I wore Korean contact lenses. I know that many people say its not good and I should go to an optometrist to get the real contact lenses but I refused. One day, I found my eyesight became more blurred than it should be and to make the matter worse, on the next day I read in the newspaper about the effects of wearing contact lenses from Korea. Oh my God! At that moment, I understand why my eyesight became blurred. So, starting from that moment I stop wearing Korean contact lenses. I think I should just wear my glasses. But when I wear my glasses I still don't have clear eyesight but I just ignore it till I cannot stand the headache anymore.

When I was checking my eyes I actually just wanted to change my lenses not my frame but what happened was I suddenly fell in love with one of the frame there. So, you know girls when they want something they want it right there and then. So,instead of changing my lenses I bought a new glasses for me!! yeay!! hehe..I'm so happy you know. Well, this new glasses is from Levi's. I love it because it looks classy and elegant and old school too..hahaha. It makes me look fresh! I like the color. It's like pearl silver color.

Cute isn't it?? hee ^_^

Ok thats it for this entry.hehe. I really love my new glasses. ^_^. One more thing, I won't wear Korean contact lenses anymore. For those who are using it PLEASE stop wearing it. Its really not good for your eyes. You can even be blind because of the contact lenses. Love your eyes and yourself. Beauty is nothing if you cannot see rite??Think about it..

So, see ya! XoXo.

Owh, btw this is ME wearing my new glasses! hee..^_^


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432H

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432 kepada semua yang membaca blog ini..=) Alhamdulilah di tahun baru ini saya masih diberi kesempatan oleh Yang Maha Esa untuk bernafas di muka bumi ini..Saya berharap tahun yang baru ini akan menjadi lebih baik daripada tahun-tahun sebelum ini..semoga segala hajat dan impian kita semua dimakbulkan oleh-Nya..Amin.

Ok, tema sambutan Maal Hijrah kita pada tahun ini adalah 1 Malaysia, 1 Ummah.
So,happy holidays kepada mereka yang bercuti dan marilah kita bersama-sama berhijrah atau melakukan perubahan yang lebih baik untuk kehidupan yang lebih diberkati..hee..^_^

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See ya! XoXo. =)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

Holla guys! Well,to be honest, I'm not a fan of Harry Potter but I did follow this movie since its first debut.I don't know why..hehe.^_^ . Last week I went to watched this movie with my friend Mimi. Thank you girl for the free ticket! hee..This is the poster of the movie.

Well, this movie started with terrifying Deatheater's activities such as torturing one of the Hogwart's teacher and followed by a sky battle between Hogwart's clan versus Deatheater's clan.

                                          Deatheater's clan

                                      Sky battle scenes

Unfortunately, one of the Weasley brother got injured in the battle.However, the Weasley clan still managed to make a joke even though I think I shouldn't laughed because supposedly its a touching moments rite??hmm..but I love them.hehe..They became very tall now in this movie and more handsome! haha. ;p

                                   Checking if its the real Harry Potter

                                   The twin! So gorgeous! ^_^

                        Long hair in the previous episode. Cute!

There's one scene that I think not suitable for the kids under 12 years old in this movie.Hermione and Harry were half naked in this movie! Oh, to me of course its no big deal but for the viewer under 12 years old don't you think its a bit too much?? I don't know bout you but in my opinion its against our Malaysian culture rite?? When I was in the cinema hall I could say more than half of the viewer were kids. So, to me its not healthy..Owh, why suddenly I concerned about our next generation??haha. Never mind. Its just my thought. Some of you might agree with me and some of you might not rite??hee..^_^. Btw guys I couldn't find the picture of that scene but I found some pictures that might come out in the second part of this movie.Watch this.


What do you think folks??Is it appropriate?? hmm..                                          

Well, part 1 ended when Voldemort got the most powerful wand in the the story will be continued in the second part coming in July 2011. So, that's it for this entry. If you are a fan of Harry Potter go watch this movie NOW!! hehe.

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See ya! XoXo ^_^.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do!

Holla guys! Hope you all doing fine..I'm fine here.hee =) Well,this entry is about a book that I'm currently reading..its really interesting you know. Very captivating! I like to read. The books which I like the most are motivational books because it can inspires me in a way that you couldn't imagine! Being in my condition, reading this type of books really helps me being positive in my life. I've never blame my fate. I've never questioned why God created me like this because I always believe that everything happened for a reason rite?? =)

Oh well, I'm off the topic again..hehe.Well, the title of this book is Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do!

Well said don't you think?? To me this is an excellent book which inspires and motivates me to believe that by changing my attitudes about myself I can actually change my life. This book leads me to self-improvement. I LIKE! hehe. You know what?? Every time I read motivational books I really like the feeling of fresh ideas that can help me to improve myself as well as the way I think. These are some of the inspirational quotes in this book which have inspired me..I hope you feel the same way too..hee..^_^


Well folks do you feel inspired enough after reading the quotes?? I hope the answer is YES! hee..

I think that's it for this entry..I'm gonna continue reading this book now..hee.^_^

So, see ya! XoXo. =)


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