Thursday, December 9, 2010

Levi's Glasses

Holla guys! Few days ago I went to check my eyes power cause I always got headache recently..To my surprised, not that my power level has changed but I also got minor dazzlement..Hmm, I think this happened because before this I wore Korean contact lenses. I know that many people say its not good and I should go to an optometrist to get the real contact lenses but I refused. One day, I found my eyesight became more blurred than it should be and to make the matter worse, on the next day I read in the newspaper about the effects of wearing contact lenses from Korea. Oh my God! At that moment, I understand why my eyesight became blurred. So, starting from that moment I stop wearing Korean contact lenses. I think I should just wear my glasses. But when I wear my glasses I still don't have clear eyesight but I just ignore it till I cannot stand the headache anymore.

When I was checking my eyes I actually just wanted to change my lenses not my frame but what happened was I suddenly fell in love with one of the frame there. So, you know girls when they want something they want it right there and then. So,instead of changing my lenses I bought a new glasses for me!! yeay!! hehe..I'm so happy you know. Well, this new glasses is from Levi's. I love it because it looks classy and elegant and old school too..hahaha. It makes me look fresh! I like the color. It's like pearl silver color.

Cute isn't it?? hee ^_^

Ok thats it for this entry.hehe. I really love my new glasses. ^_^. One more thing, I won't wear Korean contact lenses anymore. For those who are using it PLEASE stop wearing it. Its really not good for your eyes. You can even be blind because of the contact lenses. Love your eyes and yourself. Beauty is nothing if you cannot see rite??Think about it..

So, see ya! XoXo.

Owh, btw this is ME wearing my new glasses! hee..^_^


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