Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Unusual??

Holla everyone!! My real name is Nabila Bt. Abdul Malek but you can call me Nabila, Bella or Bie..Your
choice! =) Well, you must be wondering why UNUSUAL rite?? Ok2..i am disabled or in Malay orang 
kurang upaya (OKU). I am physically disabled because my left hand is not was stuck in my mom's tummy and the doctor cannot turn me around so the result?? ME with no left hand..not really no hand at all but not normal like others..huhu. But its ok you know..i don't mind being born like this. I really appreciate the opportunity that God had given me to live in His world. I am so grateful! =) Well, despite my disability I am in my final year in University of Malaya taking my first degree..not bad rite for someone like me??hehe.Wanna see my left hand?? Maybe next time in my next post..hehe. Basically this blog is all about family, my love life and everything that happen in my life. I want to share it with you and I really hope you enjoy reading my blog..hehe. Feel free to follow me or comments on any of my upcoming posts ok! Well, that's it for my first entry..I'm still struggling to handle this blog..I am new in writing blog ok..hehe. One more thing I'm not a fan of technology and i'm suck at it so bear with me ok..haha. See ya! XoXo. 



I love to follow ur blog..

deedee87 said...

me also.. wish u happy with family and friends

Bella said...

@zyash + @deedee87: Tq so much guys! =)


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